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Daoist Master of Qing Xuan

Author: Zhong Yuan Wu Bai

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Updated: 2021-10-01 23:11:46

Latest chapter: 702 Under the Bodhi Tree was Vidyaraja

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《Daoist Master of Qing Xuan》Latest chapter
702 Under the Bodhi Tree was Vidyaraja
701 Chi Songzi
700 A Small Paradise
699 Erniu
698 Old Master
697 The Master of the Netherworld
696 To Write His Name on the Register of Life and Death
695 Chapter 244 Yuding
694 Chapter 243 This is My Era
693 Chapter 242 Heart of Destruction
692 Chapter 241 Thread of Love
691 Daoist Master Qingshui
《Daoist Master of Qing Xuan》' main text
702 Under the Bodhi Tree was Vidyaraja
701 Chi Songzi
700 A Small Paradise
699 Erniu
698 Old Master
697 The Master of the Netherworld
696 To Write His Name on the Register of Life and Death
695 Chapter 244 Yuding
694 Chapter 243 This is My Era
693 Chapter 242 Heart of Destruction
692 Chapter 241 Thread of Love
691 Daoist Master Qingshui
690 Wind and Thunder
689 I Will Defeat You
688 Vulture Peak
687 Who Is in the Plot?
686 Imperial Lord
685 No Regrets
684 Tiger Demon
683 The Nailhead Seven Arrows Book
682 Zhang Ba
681 One Sword To Rule Them All
680 The Hand that Could Summon the Stars
679 Destiny
678 Guanghan
677 The Path of Dao Without Hope
676 Accountability
675 Chowhound
674 Depiction of Biscui
673 Secret Rumor
672 Repression
671 The Great Battle of Bi You Palace
670 Spare Me Some Mana
669 Shangqing Daoist Master
668 Could There Still Be a Miracle?
667 He Is Not as Perfect as You Imagined Him to Be
666 Tiantai Mountain Which Is a Hundred and Eighty Thousand Feet Tall
665 Golden Pitcher
664 Cultivation of Celestial Form with The Yellow River of Nine Provinces
663 Friends
662 Retained Forcefully
661 Jinji Ridge
660 The Band-Tightening Spell
659 Vishnu
658 The Flying Celestial Formation Char
657 Undefeatable by Thousands of Trials
656 The Demon Master
655 Captured
654 Flying Guillotine
653 Bei Mingzi
652 Into the Netherworld
651 The Void Setting Pearl
650 Daluo
649 Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha Dao Frui
648 Ancient Tree of the Netherworld
647 Ox Head and Horse Face
646 Irregularities in the River of Spirits
645 The Heaven and Earth Was a House to One
644 Runes Method from Zhengyi Sec
643 Cannot See nor Hear Shen Lian
642 Shen Lian Expound Doctrine
641 The Spectacular Even
640 The Nodes Stripped Away from the River of Time
639 Incomparable To You
638 Each Exhibiting Their Supernatural Powers
637 To Finally Meet Lu Jiuyuan
636 A Sentimental Heart, Merciless Spells
635 The Painting of Mounts and Rivers of the Gods of Earth and Vale
634 The Heart Is like a Bright Mirror's Stand
633 The Red Leaves Would Flutter Every Autumn
632 The Same Dream
631 Peacock Killing Method
630 Reminiscing You Made Me Age, It Was Too Late for Time Had Passed
629 Bull King
628 Will of Shen Lian
627 Technique of Thunder
626 As the Demon Lord Comes and Goes
625 King Kui Li
624 Dengtian Building
623 Buddha’s Birthday
622 The Grave Below the Poplar
621 Returning to the Monastery
620 Shapeless Sword, Lifeless Sword, Anattā Sword
619 When The Flower Bloomed, It Saw Me, and I Saw Tathagata
618 Unparalleled in The World
617 Trial within Trial
616 Beginning Qi of Earth
615 A Sudden Recount of A Remark Made in The Pas
614 Keep it Simple
613 Divine Blade
612 Daoist Lu Ya
611 Coveting the Throne
610 World Destructing Power
609 The Right Path
608 Alienation
607 Six-Character Great Bright Mantra
606 Yin Devilry Incantation of Asura
605 Soul is Always Accompanied by Qi
604 Spell Wine
603 Back to The God Temple Again
602 Imperial Consor
601 To Annihilate Humanity
600 Xia, Shang, Zhou
599 Simuwu Ding
598 Incarnation
597 The Blacklist on the Register of Life and Death
596 The Village of Nothingness
595 Taiyi
594 Impartial
593 I am The Mighty God of Thunder
592 Homeland and The World
591 Master The Techniques and Forget Its Principle
590 The World’s Three Saints, Qing Xuan is Number One
589 Can I Get to The Other Side of Heaven After Riding on You?
588 The Bottomless Boa
587 Seventy-Two
586 Nobody Would be Hur
585 The Unforeseen Even
584 Kong Sang
583 Convinced
582 Dao and I are One
581 Yi River
580 A Heng
579 Part of the Royal Family
578 Bamboo Flute
577 Saintess
576 Blood Between the Eyebrows
575 Fugue of the Universe
574 Profound Blessings
573 Defenders of the Dharma
572 Someone From the Pas
571 World Honored Earth Treasury
570 Counter Attack
569 Pursuit and Attack
568 Disappointmen
567 A Falling Ou
566 With Soaring Expectations
565 The Taste of Dao
564 Yin Yang - Live and Death
563 God and Goddess
562 Biyou
561 The ‘Me’ In the Pas
560 Supernatural Powers
559 Siblings
558 Human Sacrifice
557 Da Yi
556 Sun Vanquishing Arrow
555 A Lotus-like Lamp
554 Yi
553 The Yarrow
552 The Tes
551 Outside of Qing Xuan Cave
550 Unusually Demonic
549 Peng Boshou
548 Forest Covered in Snow
547 Mount Meng
546 Holy Temple
545 Four Directions
544 Qing Xuan Cave
543 Tempering a Sword
542 Changgui
541 Being a Free Person
540 Seriously Frightened
539 The Method of Taihao
538 War
537 Expedition
536 The Cultivation of K?itigarbha Bodhisattva
535 Finally We Mee
534 The Wind and Rain above Lake Eas
533 A Heartless Man might not be A True Hero
532 Secluded Bamboo
531 Phoenix Tree
530 Reborn From A Drip of Blood
529 Guard of the Netherworld
528 She Likes
527 Mahayana Sutra
526 Lady Mother of the Chario
525 General Trend
524 Qingming
523 Longevity Curse
522 Four Dhyanas and Eight Samadhis
521 Requests
520 Public Notice
519 Dragon Tiger Ruyi Elixir
518 Wen Zhong
517 Reversal
516 Creation and Evolution
515 Headstrong
514 Si Wenming
513 Terrifying Intelligence
512 Lianshan
511 To Slice Water with a Knife
510 The Ways of the World Are the Catalysts for the Ways of the People
509 The High Pries
508 National Advisor
507 Only Because He Is Shen Lian
506 Three Spheres
505 Di
504 Ancient Eight Surnames
503 The Journey Ahead
502 Dotting in the Eyes
501 The Son of the White Emperor
500 Kunwu Stone
499 The Difference Between Spirituality and the Demonic Characteristics
498 Carving
497 'One' slash
496 The Great Asura
495 Xia Tomb
494 Tyran
493 Sword of the Emperor
492 Dust and Sand
491 Moving the Mountains
490 Flower of the Other Shore
489 Inextinguishable
488 Fluttering Hear
487 One Punch
486 Just because He was Emperor Xia
485 Flying Stars
484 A Young Woman who Swayed Her Slender Hips was a Distraction to the Eyes
483 Preach
482 Lecture
481 Hearing About the Heaven Courtyard Again
480 Astrology
479 Guan Longzi
478 An Unspoken Goodbye
477 The Young Lady at the Back of Pegasus
476 Prefect Grand Usher
475 Yinglong
474 Diqiu
473 Shen Lian Left the Mountain
472 Not Intentionally Targeting Anyone
471 The Book of Life and Death
470 Xuan Zhen Temple
469 Bloom
468 Planting the Peach
467 Peach
466 Not Human
465 Trials of Lightning
464 Creator
463 The Restoration of Morning
462 Decapitation
461 Seven Peaches Mountain
460 The Daoist in the Painting
459 Yin Shang
458 Wizard
457 It All Began In the City of Xi Liang
456 Moving in the Forest On A Tiger
455 I am Slightly Greater than The Stars in The Sky
454 The Reason
453 Shen Lian's Hard Work
452 Reborn
451 All Things Must Come to an End
450 The Decisive Battle
449 To Only Open the Eyes in a Long Nigh
448 Heaven and Earth as One
447 There Are Suddenness in Life
446 How Time Flies
445 Man’s Life is but the Morning Dew
444 You Have the Wine, I Have the Story
443 Never Again to Meet in Life and in Death
442 Techniques are Like Flowing Water
441 The Tree Loses its Leaves, the Meaning of Life Ends
440 Noble Qi Dynamic
439 Third of March, a King Will Be Born
438 A Powerful Escape
437 Because It Exists, It Can Be Eliminated
436 There Still Exists Zhao Xiao Yu
435 Determination
434 Shen Qingxia is People’s Only Hope
433 Conditions
432 Nowhere to Hide
431 Making a Choice
430 It Was Originally Unintentional When Nature Formed The Works Of Nature
429 To Cast Beans On The Ground Which Would Transformed Into Soldiers
428 A Sky Full Of Dark Clouds
427 The Matter Is Difficult Because One Fears It, The Matter Is Easy Because One Does I
426 Senior Apprentice-Brother, You Cannot Head Ou
425 Flood Dragon
424 第243章 会晤
423 Settled
422 Sever
421 The Battle in an Inch
420 It Will Be the Decline of Heaven and Earth by the Time My Sword Is Ou
419 If You Die Tonight, I Will Bury You Under the Moonligh
418 Eternal Dao
417 The Sword of Flying Celestial
416 Sacrificial Ritual
415 Rain Ceremony
414 Perceive Falsary As Truth
413 Without Dharma and Without Mindfulness
412 Heaven and Earth Symbolism
411 Ruo Shui May Have Boundless Water, but Only One Jug’s Worth Was Needed
410 Exhale, Inhale
409 That is a Good Sword
408 Shen with the Radical ‘Water’, Lian with the Radical ‘Fire’
407 Beside the Ruoshui River
406 Dancing Tree, Fruit of Immortality
405 As Everlasting as the Sky
404 Netherworld’s Soil
403 Untemptable
402 Being Buddha Is Not the End Goal
401 The Lone Lamp Above the Copper Coffin.
400 Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning
399 Demonic God
398 Vajra Jiedi
397 Save us all, Nasser
396 Three Minds, Twofold Truths, Two Kinds of Emptiness
395 In the Jinji Country
394 The Udumbara
393 Reborn / Death
392 The Bone's Fragrance
391 The Breathing of Magical Sword
390 Perspective Beyond Nature
389 Spiritual Land
388 Coercion
387 Polished Rocks
386 Being One With Dao
385 Wang Shidao
384 He Still Stood in Front of Me
383 Meeting or No
382 Miaoyun in Southern Mountain
381 Situation
380 Magical Sword
379 Suli
378 Turbulent Times
377 Sword Aura of Green Smoke
376 The Decisive Battle
375 The Grandmaster’s Trial
374 Qing Xuan’s Boldness
373 The Boundless Taiyin
372 Even the Negligible Secular Dust Could Overlook the Entire World
371 The Closing Ceremony/The End of the Show
370 Blood of Celestials
369 The Silver Flowers in Between the Jade Tree
368 Shen Lian Here
367 Milky Way Sword Seed
366 Five-colored Divine Peak
365 Altar
364 Burning God
363 A Great Demon Sage Once Rebelled Against the Heaven Courtyard
362 Celestial Emperor
361 Astral Projection of the Primordial Spiri
360 Still Waters Run Deep
359 One Qi Fundamental Codex of the Sword
358 There Is No Direct Way That Would Lead One Right to the End
357 Thunder Method
356 Scheming
355 Jade Palace, Where Celestials Stay
354 Instruments Completed
353 Dao Assessmen
352 Interesting Matter
351 The Orthodoxy
350 The Melody of All Sounds
349 Hundred Thousand Demon Soldiers
348 With One Thought, One Could Become Buddha or Demon
347 Hidden Scripture
346 The Wind and Rain Would Follow
345 When Would I Have the Ability to Borrow the Means of Heaven and Earth?
344 Where Are You, Senior Apprentice-Brother Chen?
343 Exquisite
342 Four Symbols
341 Wind and Thunder
340 When Gold and Jade Fill the Hall, Their Possessor Cannot Keep Them Safe
339 The Brilliance of the Sword
338 White Moon Demon Clan
337 Temple of Killings
336 Life and Death is Ordinary
335 Godly Name, Beidou
334 There Is Only One Who Can Take My Sword’s Blow
333 Southern Heavenly Gate
332 A Cumulus Cloud Transformed from a Ray of Spiri
331 Ziling and Qing Xiao
330 Just as How Spring Had Met Winter
329 Grandmaster
328 Understanding Dao
327 Discussion
326 Heavenly Cauldron
325 Mantra
324 Transformed Dragon Pond
323 Unexpected Calamities
322 Friend, Please Stay
321 Secular Emotions
320 The Chaos
319 The Destructive Technique
318 The Killing Sword
317 Passing Away
316 Fate
315 Immortality Part 2
314 Immortality Part 1
313 A Picturesque Landscape Fitting For a Hero
312 Before Entering the Formation
311 True Void
310 Five Ultimate Formations
309 Invitation from the King of Hell
308 I Heard That You Have the Pure Yang Technique, and That It Is Wondrous.
307 The Clash of Dao Techniques
306 Be One with the World
305 The Big and Stout Man
304 Jingzhu
303 There is No Limit to the Universe Beyond the Blue Sky
302 Jimo Peak
301 A Page of Scripture
300 The Taiwei on Taiwei’s Pavilion
299 The City of Vain Deaths
298 Qi of Sky Demon
297 The Ranked Celestials
296 Assign the Dragon to Regulate and Control Water, Qi Penetrates Through Yin and Yang
295 You Can’t Escape From the Five Elements
294 Easy to Obtain Dao but Difficult to Preserve Dao
293 Listen Using Your Qi and Not Your Mind
292 Time Waits For No Man
291 Convinced, in Heart and by Word.
290 By Chance
289 Five Elements
288 A Storm is Brewing
287 I Do Not Know
286 The Departure of the Old Daois
285 To forget the means by which the end is attained
284 There Is No Redeemer
283 Left in The Evening, Returned During The Fifth Period Of The Nigh
282 Resourceful But Indecisive
281 As Though The Celestial Demon Had Arrived
280 The Repeatedly Incoming Storm
279 Guangfa
278 Overconfidence
277 Lecture on Daoism
276 Mutiny
275 Prototype of the World
274 Painting
273 Order Master in Red
272 Shifokou
271 Tianxiang Order
270 Change
269 The Trapping of Celestial Virtual Shadow
268 Putting Oneself in an Impossible Situation
267 Tianyin Transformation
266 The Qi Could Swallow Mountain and River
265 Determination
264 Broke In Alone
263 Purple Fume Green River formation
262 Reincarnation
261 Sneaked in
260 The North
259 Lv Luo
258 Heart of the people
257 Summoning of Wind and Rain
256 Ziwei Sword Sain
255 The Extermination of Celestial
254 The Trapping of Celestial
253 At the Top of Yin Mountain
252 Underneath Yin Mountain
251 Tianguan Disuo
250 The Supreme Heart Demon Chan
249 The District of Sky Demon
248 So It Was You
247 Breaking through the Mountain
246 Waiting for Someone
245 River Deity
244 Imperial Seal
243 Fulfilling Dao De
242 Spiritual Beas
241 One Sword To Swallow the Sun and Moon
240 Jiang Hanyan
239 Chunyang Daoist Pagoda
238 Cultivation is a Serious Pastime
237 An Encounter at the Seapor
236 The Devilry of Dark Skies
235 Dragon Transformation
234 Jin Ye
233 The Heritage Tune of Great Sain
232 Treasure Auction
231 Coming To This World
230 Eight Celestials of Shangdong
229 The Likes of Us Had Always Been Heartless
228 Elixir
227 Wu Qingzi
226 Legendary
225 Ziguang Pavilion
224 The Forbidden Technique of Xiaozhu Clouds
223 Stranger Things
222 Dongyi
221 Twisted
220 The Eye of the Sea
219 Black Water Residence
218 Under the Sea
217 The Miracle of Birth
216 Xuantong Demon King
215 I Gained Mana in the Past, and Now I Will Pass It On
214 Senior Apprentice Sister
213 Ice Ligh
212 Protection
211 Eye of the Sea
210 Taishang Daoist Sec
209 Oh Lord, Why Treat Me So Badly
208 Extraordinary Nature
207 Grand Assembly of Luoism
206 Submission
205 Dead or Alive
204 Restrain
203 Three Swords
202 Jiang Shuijie
201 Cultivation Was for Immortality
200 The Unpredictability of the Black and White
199 To the East Sea and Tame the Wave of Demon
198 Big Spender
197 The Teenage Chief
196 Qing Xuan Stands Millions of Years
195 Wandering True Light Sword
194 Divine Fox
193 Portraits
192 What is Being? What am I?
191 The Dao of Avici
190 Nether Aid Scripture
189 Netherworld
188 Reincarnation
187 The Flowing of Time and Water
186 Taiyin Ligh
185 Let Me Borrow Your Mana
184 Bai Suhuan
183 The Different Responses
182 The Will of the Grandmaster
181 That Was His Nature
180 You Could Never Find Him as He Could Be at Any Corner of the World
179 You Have the Personality of a Cloud, and the Intention of the Wind
178 Qingxiao
177 Shenqing Xuanqi Sword Formation
176 The Ever-changing Nature
175 Water Diffuse Gold Ligh
174 Of Beings and Buddha
173 A Golden Elixir Down In My Stomach
172 What Demon Are You?
171 The Four States of Taixu
170 To Believe Firmly, Even Until Now
169 Receive and Dispatch by the Spiri
168 Birthless
167 Unhindered Sword Aura
166 Lotus Blade
165 The Thumping Thunders of Winter
164 Brother Nine, You Are In Trouble
163 Cutting His Own Arm
162 Destined Fate with Buddha
161 Mister Sea
160 Qixiu
159 Free Form Incarnation
158 Zhixing Bookshop
157 Jingang Body
156 Sword Will
155 The Flame of Meri
154 Even Though Some Had Divine Blade
153 The Blade That Blended into the Nigh
152 Serene Bird
151 Shifting Yin into Yang, Qian Kun One Qi
150 The Day with Snowflakes Flying All Over
149 The Meaning of Dharma Behind the Congenital Killing Sword
148 The Blood-Red Sword Gleam
147 The Clash
146 Bier Discourse of Dao
145 Shapeless Sword Aura
144 Daoist Shi
143 Weird Man
142 The Five Elements
141 The Indus Tree’s Birth Is Similar to the Sun
140 Xuantian’s Dao-logy
139 Every Other Existing Literature Are Just Footnotes
138 Deser
137 Spirit Fire
136 The Mysterious Demon
135 The Lingbao Dragon Scripture
134 Mount Chui Ping
133 Xuande Sword
132 Goddess of Grains
131 Old Friend
130 Conferment of a God
129 Young Master
128 Entering the Doors of Trouble Again
127 One Who Invites Trouble
126 No Higher Order in the World
125 Newly-Formed Taixu
124 White Lotus Extermination of Life
123 Tianzi Wangqi
122 The Water Surface Was Clear and Round, the Lotus Blossoms Danced With Ease in the Morning Breeze
121 The Times of Wind and Storm
120 Divine Ruins
119 The Sound of Chants and Mantras
118 The Difficulty That Came From Within
117 To Meditate and to Restrain Oneself from Wishful Thinking
116 The Sutra of Total Annihilation of the Dharma
115 There Is No Dus
114 Why Did the Water Flow?
113 The Common and Myself
112 The Book of Nine Lotus
111 Zhao Xiaoyu
110 Being Seperated For Too Long Leads to Togetherness
109 Don’t Take the Golden Elixir Lightly
108 White, Robe-like, Floating Clouds in the Sky
107 The Unbothered Breeze and Moon
106 Bewitched
105 Where Does Flowing Water Come From
104 Still Water Runs Deep
103 Seeking Medical Help
102 Unknowing About Cultivation
101 To Whom Does the Milky Way Belong To?
100 The Pen of Making
99 Impervious to Rain, Wind, or Shine
98 Looking Back at Where He Came From
97 The Return to the Secular Mortal World
96 Blind, in These Mountains, to Calendared Days
95 Technique Beyond This World
94 Taixu Strategy
93 Loneliness or Prosperity, Each Has Its Own Purpose
92 Attained Dharma at Once
91 Reduce the Insufficient Portion to Build Up the Excessive Portion
90 Moonlight Buddha
89 Chopping Off Without Hesitation
88 The Evil Intention That Lurked Beneath Her Friendliness
87 Left Without a Trace When Things Are Done
86 Whose Man-Eating Toad Is This?
85 Who Knew There Were Two at the Bier?
84 This Body Was Originally the Bodhi’s
83 Many More Levels to Pass
82 This Sword Could Guide The Soul
81 Why Not Stroll and Silently Sigh?
80 Desires Were Like the Ocean, Hard to Tame
79 You Gain Some, You Lose Some
78 Talisman for Beginners
77 Repaying A Favour
76 The Art of Spiritual Enhancemen
75 Suffer the Unspeakable Misery
74 Entering The Celestial School At This Poin
73 The Three Kowtows In The Hall
72 The Struggles of Learning Daoism
71 Been Practicing Daoism For Half A Lifetime And No One Knows
70 It Was But a Dream
69 The Rustling Bamboo Leaves That Shut the Windows
68 Water is Virtuous
67 Rode Away on White Cranes
66 Going up the Mountain
65 The Autumn Wind Rose
64 Yan Bugui - Swallows Who Did Not Return
63 If Only Time Stopped at When We First Me
62 Mid July
61 When Spring Comes and Flowers Bloom
60 An Intense Battle
59 The Flowing Clouds
58 The Moon Was Same as Usual
57 Being and Non-Being of Sword Aura
56 Swordcraft Triumphs All
55 The Four Doors
54 The Challenge
53 The Sorrow of a Skeleton
52 The Owner of Su’s For
51 It Was Told That the Little Master Is in Fact Xiao Zhu
50 One Has to Compromise When in Jianghu
49 Ice Jade
48 A Rare Night of Heavy Drinking
47 See You Again in a Hundred Years
46 Unknowingly Going Astray
45 To Not Mingle With The Plum and Peach And Be Reduced To Secular Dus
44 The Most Precious Thing In Life Is To Live In Accordance With The Hear
43 Ruyi Shapeshifting
42 Blade-like Moonligh
41 Clanging of the Sword
40 Perfect and Imperfect People
39 The Jianghu Here Is Unusual
38 Tit for Ta
37 Saint Thief Bai Yufei
36 To Be Harsh Because of a Great Kind Hear
35 Daoist Master Taiyi
34 Xin Shisiniang
33 Jade-like Mister
32 Practice Makes Perfec
31 Subtle Fragrance of the Plum Blossom At Dusk
30 The God in Your Eyes
29 What My Heart Says
28 The Beginning and the End of Cultivation
27 Collapse at the First Blow
26 Xuanming Division
25 An Inn
24 The Celestial Mountain Beyond the Seas
23 The Sweet Scent of Blood
22 The Lone Butterfly
21 I Got Bald, and Stronger Too.
20 The Rain of Qielan Temple
19 The Weird Sound of a Temple Block
18 The Young Man Outside Town Hall
17 Wutong
16 Dreaming Without a Trace
15 The Carefree Clouds
14 The Bondage
13 Varying Between Creation and Destruction
12 Deity Vanquisher
11 Blade!
10 Time For Payback
9 It's a Tough World
8 Why Bother Being a Hero?
7 Oh How Time Flies!
6 Ruoxi, Ruoxi
5 Of Riches and Honour
4 The Shen Family
3 Concentration
2 The Nourishment of Spiri
1 The Young Daoist Monk