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Eldrid could feel the chill seeping into his bones from the wall of fog in front of him, causing him to hesitate about entering.

He took half a step in and tried to disperse the fog with a gale of wind.

It had absolutely no effect, as the fog was an ascendant's domain.

Eldrid sighed before stepping forward into the fog, and much to his surprise the only thing that changed was the visibility, as everything was shrouded in darkness.

Suddenly the outline of a person flashed bin front of him before slinking back into the mist, putting him on edge.

Eldrid at this point jumped backwards, attempting to leave the fog, but he found himself further into the chilly mists.

'This doesn't bode well...'

Suddenly a wave of tiredness passed through his body, all the way down to his soul. He became groggy and sluggish, the urge to sleep welled up within him.

However Magmus's snoring brought Eldrid back to reality.

Eldrid woke Magmus up and continued wandering in the mist, for what felt like days.

Every "day" he battled the urge to sleep but his willpower kept him going.

After what felt like months (but was only a week) Eldrid arrived at a place where the mist thinned, revealing an old man in rags.

"Young hero, why do you venture so far into the mist? This place is the gateway to Hel, where evil resides."

"I seek a necromancer who may have passed through here, Leonard Welser."

"Another man came through here a month ago, he was riding an skeletal horse with eyes of green fire. Would this be who you're after?"

"Yes, which direction did he go?"

"There are no directions within the mist, only destiny will guide you."

So Eldrid began wandering once again, however this time he ended up fighting off the lost souls of the fog, those who were neither good nor bad.

After an unknown amount of time Eldrid arrived blundered out of niflheim, finding himself in front of a frozen river(1).

Eldrid stepped onto the frozen waters, but his leg turned blue, a ghostly frost turning his leg blue.

Eldrid quickly cut off his leg at the knee before it could spread any further, leading him to remember the manual Odin had given him.

While Eldrid's leg regrew, he read the manual which showed him how to guide mana through his body and strengthen the cells through the process of rebirth.

There number of stages were unknown, as only after completing the previous stage would the next be revealed.

Eldrid looked at all the diagrams on how to revitalize the cells with a look of agony.

"**** now I need to practice my spiritual control... but how?"

[You forget about me?]


[My feelings are hurt...]

'Get over it, I was in that mist... how long exactly?'

[Only a week.]

"WHAT?!?!?" Eldrid exclaimed in surprise.

'It felt like years!'

[It was boring as hell waiting for you to get out, I risked spiritual corrosion to talk to you as to relieve the boredom. Didn't work though.]

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