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Back in her room Alina stared out her window and sighed. All she wanted was to learn those spells. As she stared out her window she heard the hiss of a snake in her ear. She turned her head and saw her pitch black snake crawling along the floor. Alina flicked her hand and the snake flew back into its cage. "Sinin, what are you doing. You shouldn't have gotten out of your cage. I don't want my brother's raven to get you," Alina said as she made sure the lid of the cage was tight. Sinin hissed and slithered under a rock. Alina shook her head and sat on her bed. She laid her head back onto her pillows and stared at her ceiling which was studded with stars. "Why does Simon get to study the Forbidden Spells. Just because he's older then me doesn't mean he's smarter. I've seen him jump into a pool ridden with crocodiles. He almost lost his life," Alina said to Sinin as she still stared at her ceiling, "If only."

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