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As the rain slowed down outside, Alina and Lyle sat together in the tent. Soon the sun poked out from behind the clouds. Alina exited the tent and into the sun. The path ahead had cleared up. Lyle came out of the tent behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. Alina looked at him and smiled. "Let's start packing up."

Alina, with a wave of her hand, immediately packed up everything into their bags. Alina looked at Lyle and handed him his bag. Lyle took it with a smile on his face. Alina bent down and grabbed her bag as well. It was still light, but had so much in it. She looked at the path ahead and could just see the roofs of another village. "Let's keep moving." Alina said.

They walked, not for long, and they came to the next village. They went to the Inn just as the first time, and bought a two bed room. The old woman who sat at the desk handed Lyle the key. But as he tried to take it, she wouldn't let go. She stared him in the eye and said, "The Woods of Night is a dangerous place, stay here until you are prepared to continue." The woman let go of the key and Lyle backed up. "Thank you, ma'am."

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Upstairs, Alina and Lyle found their room and unlocked it. It seemed just the same as before. A bed on each side, a small closet, a dresser, and a desk. There was a window that looked right outside into the village. Kids ran around playing. People were going to the market buying supplies. Thus village was peaceful and quiet. Alina sighed as she sat on her bed. She knew that the Woods of Night was not far. She had to prepare herself for the oncoming journey.

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