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Alina and Lyle had just started to continue their journey, when the most devastating of all storms started. Thunder boomed and lightning flashed as Alina and Lyle were soaked to the skin. The land around them started to flood and soon blocked their path. "Lyle, what are we going to do. All this water is in the way and I don't think we can just walk through it."

As Lyle looked at the rushing water he said, "Alina summon the tents we will stay right here until the storm dies down."

Alina waved her wand and summoned the two tents. Immediately the first tent blew away in the wind. Alina sighed and started to summon another until Lyle stopped her, "Don't summon another one. We don't wanna waste your energy." Alina stopped and looked at Lyle. She shrugged in agreement and started to set up camp. Lyle assisted her by finding rocks nearby to help keep the tent on the ground.

The storm kept rolling as Alina and Lyle sat in the tent. They listened to the hard patter of rain on the tent. Alina grew drowsy from the sounds and laid her head on her pillow. She looked up at Lyle and smiled. Lyle saw her and smiled back. Alina shut her eyes and the world around her dissapeared.

When she woke up the storm was still going. Though it was a bit slower. Alina sat up and saw that Lyle was asleep as well. His back was turned to her and he was sleeping peacefully. Alina sighed and opened the front of the tent. She watched as the storm calmed her. She strted to hear shuffling behind her and she assumed that Lyle was waking up. The shuffling was getting more frantic and it started to worry Alina. She turned around and screamed, "LYLE!!" Lyle was convulsing and shaking on the ground. Alina rushed to his side and lifted his head. As his body shook, she held his head up to keep him from brain damage. Alina felt tears roll down her cheeks as she watched Lyle. She thought about what to do. There was no help around and the rain would keep any away. Alina had an idea. She took her pillow and placed it under Lyle's head. She stood up and raced to her things. She pulled out her wand and pointed it at Lyle. Her yell was incomprehensible as thunder boomed. Alina watched as Lyle's body slowed. His body stopped moving and he laid there. Alina sat on the ground panting while tears still rolled down her cheeks. She shuffled over to Lyle and put his head back in her lap. She brushed her hand through his hair as she waited for him to wake. From the corner of her eye she spotted something gleaming in the corner. Alina stretched as far as she could and found a dagger with a hilt so intricate it seemed that there was and entire panting on it. Alina picked it up and examined it. She started to feel Lyle move his head and she set the dagger on the ground. "Lyle..." Alina said as she looked at him. Lyle looked up and was confused, "What happened?"

"You were convulsing and shaking and you worried me so much," Alina replied as more tears rolled off her face.

Lyle slowly sat up and wiped the tears from Alina's face, "I'm okay now Alina, you can stop crying." Lyle held out his arms and Alina scooted forward into his arms. She sat there her head on his shoulder and her arms around his torso. Alina felt Lyle brush through her hair. Alina felt her tears dissipate as she was comforted. She sat there in Lyle's arms as the rain outside calmed. Alina looked up at Lyle. He looked down at her and placed his lips on her forehead. Alina blushed and looked back down. She placed her head back down onto Lyle's chest. They sat there as the rain slowed down.

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