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Alina was roaming through the castle. She decided to go back to her room and get "The Book of Forbidden Spells."

Alina found the library and sat down at a small Desk and opened the book. The fist page was a table of contents. It read, " Fighting spells, healing spells, necromancy."

Alina first started at fighting spells. She read and studied every spell. She decided later to test them out. Next she went on to healing spells. She read those as well. The next chapter was something she was told to never learn. Alina decided to keep reading. She found spells of summoning a undead army, killing anyone in a 60 foot radius, and the one spell she was looking for, a resurrection spell.

She felt she would need that for the oncoming fight.

Alina was sitting in the dining hall with Lyle talking about the oncoming journey. "Lyle what do we do? We could either leave without anyone knowing or bring the guards there. What do you think Lyle?"

" We should probably go by ourselves. If we bring others we could risk their lives. They could supply us with weapons and supplies for the rest of the trip."

"Yeah, that is the best choice."

Alina sat at a desk, with a quill in hand, and started to write a letter to her father;

"Dear Father, I am sorry to tell you that me and Lyle have decides to continue our journey, alone. Please do not follow us and I love you,

Sincerely, Alina."

Alina stood in front of her wardrobe and was choosing the right clothes for the journey. She decided on a blue suit jacket with a black shirt underneath. She slipped on a pair of black boots. She picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. She walked out to the hallway and stood in front of Lyle's door.

Lyle walked out into the hallway, wearing a suit of armor. Alina looked at him stunned, "Where did you get that?"

"I stole it from the Armory."

Lyle had his sword on his back. They crept down the hall till they reached the main entrance. They pushed the door open into the night.

The air was cold and damp, as if it just rained. Alina stood outside the castle. She started to think if this was the right move. She followed Lyle out of the kingdom and back onto the trail. They walked again till the sun rose. The decided to set up camp aling the side of the trail.

The tent was set up and everything was inside. Alina stood out side with her wand in her hand. She raised it and flicked it up. A line of black magic shot up into the sky. It faded when it never hit anything. Lyle walked out of the tent and stood beside her. Alina brought down her wand. She looked at Lyle with sympathetic eyes.

"Alina I have a question. When you put your bag in the tent this fell out of it," Lyle held up Alina's tiara, "I didn't think about putting in your bag. Sorry. Do you want me t"

"Actually can I have it?" Alina said. Lyle handed her the tiara. She took it. She studied the gems and placed it on her head. Lyle looked at her and smiled. "I've never seen you with that on. You look beautiful."

Alina blushed. She decided to,keep the tiara on.

That day Alina and Lyle slept and talked.

The moon was high in the sky that night. Alina and Lyle were walking along the path. The clank of Lyle's armor echoed in the night. Over that noise they didnt hear the sound of someone drawing a sword. Behind them a middle aged man ran and swung his sword into Alina's shoulder. She screamed in pain. Lyle turned around in an instant and drew his sword. He fought the man till he fell on the ground. Lyle lifted his sword to stab the man but he stopped. He simply said, "run. Leave and do not follow us again."

The man got up and ran the way he came.

Alina sat on the ground her hand covering her wound. "Lyle get me my wand."

Lyle brought out her wand and handed it to her. Alina took it and put the tip to her wound. She winced as she started to heal it. Lyle watched in amazement. Alina healed her wound completely. She put down her wand. " Well I guess I

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