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"How can I help you" asked Mia who had noticed Chen was glaring at her back. Mia was a little nervous because he had a look in his eyes, making him look like a pervert.

Chen quickly put his thoughts in order, thinking of the benefits of being her friend.

"Oh it's nothing, I was just wondering what shampoo you use, your hair looks so lively"

Mia gave him another confused look and started to talk.

" it's none of your business about what I use. I thought you wanted something from me, because I was feeling you staring at me."

Chen new that what he asked was a kinda stupid question, but he was gonna use it to slide into his next question.

" I was just curious because I herd you have the ability to create things, and I was a little impressed."

Mia blushed and got up and stat at his table. As Chen felt that he was gonna have a successful plan.

"I'm happy to hear that somebody appreciates my ability. No matter how simple it is." Said Mia

Chen replies with" It May be a simple ability but it's rare, creating things from nothing has its uses. For example a emergency situation. I have a similar ability."

Mia was a little bit surprised by his last comment she thought that now two abilities was alike, so she instantly thought he was lying and wanted to see.

"Can I see it please?"

"Sure on second" replied Chen

Chen was unsure of what he was supposed to make because he didn't understand anything's basic materials. That was until he glanced down at the book below him that he had randomly grabbed when he came in. The book was called "The Secrets Of Trees" It was a book on trees and what there made up of and there purposes.

He opened the book and flipped though the book and started to read it. When he had an idea "maybe if I use the meditation skill with it I'll be able to take in more information faster." He then activated his meditation skill and started reading. After turning a few pages, a lot of notification popped up. Causing him to be overwhelmed and pass out.

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