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Han Chen opened his eyes to the warm and refreshing sunlight of his high school dorm. He laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling; Thinking of what he had went through, and all that he suffered.

- - -

The world that was normal had undergone radical changes over night. People all around the world woke up with paranormal abilities. Although the Majority of the people had awakened with ability's, there were still people who had not.

Han Chen was one of the unfortunate individuals who was unable to get a special ability. So his family had sent him to one of the world's top schools, so that he could develop his education and eventually provide for himself.

The school was a self contained world of its own, located on a large island. On the property there was 5 acres of farmland, 2 dorm buildings, and the school campus. On the edge of the island the was a few helicopter pads, a dock for boats, and a bunch of shops that sold anything and everything the students could want.

Han Chen currently was not concerned with any of the schools luxuries. He was currently pondering the future and the massive trials humanity was going to face in 6 years.

"I have to prepare," said Han Chen as he calmly got out of the bed and looked out the window at the clear blue sky.


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