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dtqjnx > Moon survival system > 8 Chapter 8- The Broken Prize wheel
Chen looked at the reward notification in silence while Mia walked away. He was confused as to a few things.

1: why did he Level Up

2: what is the prize wheel

3: How do status points work

Chen decided that it would be best to check these things inside his dorm room.


Back in the dorm room Chen sits at the table and looked at his new stats. After thinking for a he came to a basic conclusion.

" ok so when enough skills level up, I to level up. I can kinda understand it, and when I level up I get some type of prize. And it seems even the interface has changed a little."

Chen said while looking at the system where above his health was a bracket that said he was now level one. While at the complete bottom where the jumble of blurry letters where, some were now revealed and said prize wheel.

Chen decided that he would check out the prize wheel now that his meditation skill had been used on it, he felt proficient in using the interface system.

When he focused on the box for the prize wheel the interface seemed to have changed, now all his information was gone. Chen watched in silence as a big white prize wheel emerged from the darkness. Upon looking at the wheel he noticed that each part looked different.

"This wheel is divided into 10 slices, where there seem to be prizes on each one. You would think they would all be equal but this damn system couldn't get the measurements right."

On the wheel the biggest slices where 5 white slices, that took up half the wheel. 3 blue slices Which took up another 30%. Then lastly 2 gold slices that took up the rest of the space(20%).

"There a little bit of words next to the wheel that look strange, let's see" he said as he started to read the words.



-Sword (+20 damage)

-Book (the basics of space volume 4 of 5)

-Talisman x3 (-1 ton weight reduction)

-Ration Bars x50 (+10 health regain/ each)

-Safe Chest (indestructible)



-Immortal Battery (Unlimited energy)

-Book (The basics of dimensional travel volume 1 of 2)

-Godly Tea Set (???)



- Dimensional Inventory ( Space left 30/10,000)

-Divine Skill: Divine Territory (???)


Chen sat at the desk in silence with his mouth open in shock, looking for the words to describe his thoughts.

"This prize wheel....these prizes.....it's all so broken! Even the worst item has to be the sword, but the damage it could do could rival the attack of average people! Then those books Space is a little common it can even be found in the schools library. But dimensional travel that's ultra rare, and all the people who can get there hands on it would be famous in the future!"

Chen took a deep breath to calm himself before continuing.

" But no matter how overpowered and broken those items are, the last 3 items trumps them easily.

"The godly tea set is a item that only a god could craft, and they wouldn't start to interfere with people until 6 years in the future, in a attempt to salvage the pieces of humanity. And the tea set was made so that the top human leaders could hold meeting with the gods and communicate peacefully."

"Also the dimensional inventory skill is also a skill that shouldn't have surfaced yet. It's future appearance would be in children born in the waste land that were trying there hardest to survive and make it to the new human settlements. But I've never heard of one of them having a storage of 10,000. Even children found with storages of 100 would be treated with care while also watched closely for theft. And this one has stuff in it already I'm curious to see what's in it."

Chen took another breath and tried to calm himself down once again. But he new that it was futile so he continued talking to himself.

"All that stuff is great but I don't know that much information about the 'Divine Territory skill'. But what I do remember hearing was that should anyone have a divine skill

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