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As the transparent screen stabilized Han Chen could see a list of information.

————Character Analysis————

Name: Han Chen

Health: 180/200

Mana: 10/10


Strength: 12 Determination: 80

Dexterity: 14 Intelligence: 60

Luck: 14/20

—————Passive Abilities—————



Aura (Lowest)—————1/20

—————Active Abilities————-




"So these are my abilities?" "But why are they... Uneven?" Han Chen could understand why he had high determination and intelligence; It was because he had to survive for so long in a world where you have to look out for yourself.

"Now that I think about it, in school I'm not the most fit person. Even though it's a rich school, I've never really took note of it and always have kept to myself." As Han Chen recalled his past self he came to understand why his other stats were comparably low.

"Even if they seem low in comparison to each other, I have no one else to compare with." Han Chen thought it would be best for him to find someone and try to get a sense of their stats.

"But how would I even see them?" Chen thought. "Well, I should at least try... What's this?" As Chen was getting up he could see that there were some more words near the bottom of the screen that appeared a little blurry. But just as he noticed his meditation skill wore off.

"Wonder what that was. I'll just have to check later, for now though I should go and find someone to compare with." Towards the exit of the dorm building he noticed that things where weirdly silent. Maybe it was because he had come from a future where the world was jacked up that he had failed to notice.


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