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Chen passed out after reading a few pages from the book, due to an overwhelming amount of system notifications.

Mia jumped up into action as soon as Chen hit the floor, with a look of concern on her face.

"Chen!!! Are you ok? Wake up, crap I should get him to the nurse-" Mia then came to the realization that since it's Spring break. The nurses probably wouldn't be anywhere to be seen. " I should steel take him any way, maybe I can do something." My then proceeded to drag Chen to the campus clinic that was close to the library.


Meanwhile during Chen and Mia's exchange, deep under the ocean in a sea cave there were 12 men in cloaks, surrounding a pit so deep you can't see the bottom.

Cloaked man 1:"how much time will it take until there ready to be used in the field?"

Cloaked man 6:" SIR!!! The Approximate time till completion Is seven months!"

Cloaked man 1:" Good, continue the plan and make sure none of them escape. If the world government finds out about this, everything where working towards will be set back majorly."

Cloaked man 3:"niki you take every thing to serious. If anyone finds out about this we just kill them."

Cloaked woman 2:"We can't do that, if we start killing now we might get unwanted attention"

Cloaked man 3:"Tsk! Your no fun mani"

It appeared that the cloaked individuals 1,2, and 3, where up to something sinister in the cave. And what ever they were planning it was gonna be big.

"Buzzzzzz!!!!" A sound came from one of the mysterious things in the pit. Leaving an Ominous feeling behind.


2 hours later Chen woke up feeling very refreshed and had a sense that his powers had grown. He glanced around the room and realized he was in the school clinic.

"The last thing I remember was that I was talking to Mia and read a book. Then I-!!" Chen realized that he had passed out due to the overwhelming amount of notifications that bollocked his vision.

"I should check my status" he then glanced over to the sleeping Mia and realized she had took him hear all by herself, so that's why she was resting waiting for him to awaken."I shouldn't wake her yet,"

Chen then proceeded to check his status.

————Character Analysis————

Name: Han Chen

Health: 200/200

Mana: 01/10


Strength: 12 Determination: 80

Dexterity: 14 Intelligence: 60

Luck: 14/20

—————Passive Abilities————



Aura (Lowest)—————1/20

—————Active Abilities————-





Chen's face then changed to a look of realization while he realized why he lost consciousness.

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