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*Blarrrrrrrrrrgh* I started to puke after I woke up. Turns out the thing they don't show in the anime where the protagonist gets hit by Truck-kun is the fact it makes them viciously vomit. What's worse is as a soul I don't have a stomach so I was literally puking rainbows which made me puke more. So after a looonnnnggg barf break I finally notice a woman with blue short hair with green spots(think Earth-chan) in it with purple eyes, she was wearing blue jeans and a dark blue shirt with a crown design on it.

"Sorry about that Truck-kun has a really bad after effect on souls," I said to her. "Couldn't you 'accidently' hit me with a lighting bolt."

"Wait you already know who I am?!," said the woman. "Usually people don't have any clue who I am?"

"Yeah I kinda realized you look like a goddess to me," I said. "Also you couldn't make it a little more inconspicuous I mean that crosswalk did not change at all which made it really suspicious."

"Really? I thought that it was really inconspicuous," she said in a whinny, but cute way. "Anyway let me start this off correctly, I am the goddess Athena and I decided that you would be my champion against the other gods' champions."

"Wait what do I have to do?," I ask her. "I kinda can guess but I just want to know if I'm right."

"Your going to have to travel to different worlds and become stronger so that no one can defeat you," she answered. "And the first one will be Hunter X Hunter."

"Okay I want to say one thing I don't want to go to other worlds," I calmly said.

"Please do this for me," she begged me.

"No," I responded.

"Pretty please," she begged.

"I said no," I reaffirmed, this back and forth went on for hours until this moment.

"I'll give you anything," she said giving one last outburst in hopes of persuading me.

'If I ask for something impossible she probably will give it up,' I thought.

"Okay I want these things; the Uchiha bloodline cause I want my own sharingan and susanoo and my Mangekyō Sharingan and Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan to unlock by becoming calm in the middle of a battle, the Ichigo bloodline with Zangetsu, Unlimited Blade Works, the Incursio teigu from Akame Ga Kill but I want my weapon in armor form to be a scythe and also no downside for using it, a special ability with my silver eyes, an eidetic memory with the ability to master everything I learn, specialist nen with no retaliation no matter how powerful my hatsu is, and more with each world I travel." I said knowing she couldn't give them to me. " Oh and a system that can make me more powerful."

" Oh is that all?," she asked me surprised.

" Yep," I said confidently to her and thought. 'There is no way she will be able to give me all that.'

" Then okay off you go," she said happily. "Oh by the way, you'll be born again at the same time as Gon Freecss but you parents are going to be the child of nen masters to give you an edge and at the same time your system will have a conscious."

A portal appeared under me as I while I was saying, "I was just kidd-"

Then I was swallowed by the darkness.

'Well at least it's better than Truck-kun hitting me,' I thought which was interrupted by a feminine voice in my ears saying.

'Damn it I thought she couldn't give me that stuff that's the only reason I said that.'

" I'll name you the Anime Archive System," I told it.

"Wait hold on what," I exclaimed.

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